David J Tetlak

What does your team do?

We litigate and arbitrate no-fault, uninsured motorist and coverage matters on behalf of insurance companies with the various courts and arbitration forums in the State of New York. Additionally, we assist with the investigation and resolution of coverage questions and disputes by conducting Examinations Under Oath and legal research and providing written legal opinions, recommendations and proposed communications to insureds.

How does it operate?

We operate in a team-oriented environment whereby all members of the team are educated and knowledgeable in the areas of the law practiced and are well-versed in the individual matters handled herein. Additionally, all team members are keenly aware of the needs and desires of the individual insurance company clients, thereby allowing for quick, individualized responses and service.

How does your approach to managing the department benefit clients?

Our clients enjoy and benefit from accurate, expedited service. We are known to our clients as the “go-to” firm when immediate and same-day responses or action is required. Our team is available virtually 24/7 and has the ability and proven track-record to assist our clients when tight, or even non-existent, time frames are involved. We have also been able to develop successful strategies to the benefit of our clients, which were either not known or not recognized at the time a matter is assigned for defense and continued handling.