Congratulations to our No-Fault Department, led by Dave Tetlak Esq. and Lorraine Fingerhut. With over 1311 cases heard and decided year to date, we have won for our clients’ decisions at trial, through arbitration and by summary judgment a savings of $2,633,367 representing a 70% favorable decision rate. Remarkable results in a difficult forum! Great work by Dave and Lorraine and our team of attorneys, including Michael Poropat, Chris Fingerhut, Mark Zemcik, Peter Caso and Al Galatan. The results above are a product of great teamwork from our staff of paralegals including Sandra Sheridan, Stephanie Cowan, Shari Shaw, Cilene Price, Debra Gerber, Camalish Singh, Janine Cronin, Corinne Kleshefsky, and Jeanine Colon.