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How to Handle Surprises at Trial

Even after 30 years in the business, there are always “Surprises” on trial. This month’s trial found us in Nassau County with a three week trial that had a host of surprises. First, the case went much longer than expected starting on May 20th and ending June 9th. The Plaintiff was a 44 year old plumber who claimed a back injury …

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Defending Back Surgery Trials

Category:Trial Tips
I have had so many back surgery trials this year that I am starting to have radicular pain. Hemilaminectomy; Laminectomy; percutaneous discectomy; Spinal fusion surgery; iliac crest grafting; and intervertebral cages all dance in my head at night when I am on trial. Trial lawyers do not

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Ten Tips for Selecting a Jury

Category: Trial Tips
Find out the lay of the land. You may have chosen juries in every county in New York State, however, the rules change. If you have not been is Staten Island in a few years or this is your first jury selection in Riverhead, ask the clerk what rules apply. Speak to your adversary

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